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  2. What happened to www.geraniaceae-group.org?

    Everything back to normal this monday! Thanks.
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  4. What happened to www.geraniaceae-group.org?

    Can anyone tell me what has happened to the website? One minute I was reading a series of articles and then it was gone leaving no trace!. Thanks, Christopher.
  5. Hi John, all, It would seem to me that many check out posts, but few get down to writing. Katya, Marisa, David: is there a way our moderators could check where the members are from and what their interests are? Perhaps the moderators could start topics that are closer (e.g. geographically) to members' interests and perhaps contributions could be encouraged? Also, I don't think I have been getting any weekly updates by email, although I subscribed to these under Settings/Manage Followed Content/Forums. Does this work for others? Personally, I find this forum extraordinarily helpful and learned a lot from it. I wish more members wrote with pictures of their plants and write about their experiences growing them, regardless of their shape and sometimes more is to learn from an unusually grown specimen than a perfectly grown plant. One of the extraordinary features of pelargoniums is their adaptability! All best, Matija.
  6. Am I the only one checking daily?

    I take your point John. I often start my day looking at the forum and feeling guilty about not contributing, although I am a little wary about posting since many of my plants came from European stock and may not be too well identified. Most of my knowledge about pelargonium species has come from this forum (and other web searches) so there is little point in my repeating it as some sort of confirmation! I previously grew a lot scented leaf hybrids and a few geranium and erodium varieties. Currently I am busy in the garden, getting rid of thousands of Geranium Robertianum plants that make up our second most most invasive weed (very pretty plants but a bit too successful here) At least they are easy to pull out and do provide a lot of compost. One plant of geranium maderense has started to flower in our cold greenhouse. I will post a photo in the geranium section. So, which will prevail? My feelings of guilt, or my natural ability to procrastinate? Chris
  7. Good to hear from you Greig I had good luck (germination) with my E. televivence this round, so hopefully you will too. They did well for me a couple years back in a sandy well-drained bed (where I grow a few cactus). I also had the very similar gruinum there too. I was able to get enough seed to keep them going (being annuals) and tucked it in a safe place... So safe I never saw it again! I had to order more seed this last round. Oh well, these things give us a challenge. Through forums like this, I see that I'm not alone in having damping off from time to time. I start things indoors to give a head start, as our season is so short, and of course I'm more prone to this than seeds out in the fresh air. It can be frustrating as the pot that I lost was one of the species I most wanted! That's the way it usually goes. I sow most hardy geraniums in mid-winter leaving them out for the required 'cold treatment. A method that would be quite foreign to RSA! Check out this old blog of mine if interested... http://www.growsonyou.com/bowl_you/blog/28018-mid-winter-sowing-in-canada My televivence and gruinum are shown at the end of this blog... http://www.growsonyou.com/bowl_you/blog/28664-the-escarpment-and-the-desert I love the little stories, tips, and questions from around the world. There is so much to learn and we often face such different problems. That's what makes it hard to understand why there is so little action in the form. John
  8. John, good to see some life on the ol' forum. Living in the midst of pelargonium country, with nary an Erodium to be seen (except for weedy species); I, as a perverse human, have decided to look at the latter. Being autumn = fall here, it is finally cool enough, except for yesterday when it was 46 deg C in the greenhouse, to put in the Erodium seed - actually I did that on April Fool's Day - and a few are already up, including a very good showing of E. trifolium (E. hymenodes). I am keen to grow E.telavivense - but I seem to have little luck. Last year I planted one of the 2 seeds I had received, which failed to germinate. I have now planted the other seed, which germinated, but the cotyledons are seriously deformed and will not expand; and I planted 2 of the seeds I received this year, one germinating and then damping off. Both of these seeds emerged 3 days after planting - the first to come up. My Erodium collection is nevertheless slowly growing. Regards, greig russell, Kommetjie, Cape Peninsula, RSA.
  9. I still check this forum daily, but in reality there have not been any post for months... Several months for some sections! I was so happy when we got this forum... Great to share what we learn and ask about what we don't know. So, why is nobody using it, when Facebook is so busy with postings in the various geraniaceae related groups? The forum is actually easier to use as a resource as it is more like a blog.... It's not filled with tons of over-shared memes. Anyone one seeing this... WHAT IS YOUR VIEW?
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