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    I take your point John. I often start my day looking at the forum and feeling guilty about not contributing, although I am a little wary about posting since many of my plants came from European stock and may not be too well identified. Most of my knowledge about pelargonium species has come from this forum (and other web searches) so there is little point in my repeating it as some sort of confirmation! I previously grew a lot scented leaf hybrids and a few geranium and erodium varieties. Currently I am busy in the garden, getting rid of thousands of Geranium Robertianum plants that make up our second most most invasive weed (very pretty plants but a bit too successful here) At least they are easy to pull out and do provide a lot of compost. One plant of geranium maderense has started to flower in our cold greenhouse. I will post a photo in the geranium section. So, which will prevail? My feelings of guilt, or my natural ability to procrastinate? Chris