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  1. What happened to www.geraniaceae-group.org?

    Everything back to normal this monday! Thanks.
  2. What happened to www.geraniaceae-group.org?

    Can anyone tell me what has happened to the website? One minute I was reading a series of articles and then it was gone leaving no trace!. Thanks, Christopher.
  3. Am I the only one checking daily?

    I take your point John. I often start my day looking at the forum and feeling guilty about not contributing, although I am a little wary about posting since many of my plants came from European stock and may not be too well identified. Most of my knowledge about pelargonium species has come from this forum (and other web searches) so there is little point in my repeating it as some sort of confirmation! I previously grew a lot scented leaf hybrids and a few geranium and erodium varieties. Currently I am busy in the garden, getting rid of thousands of Geranium Robertianum plants that make up our second most most invasive weed (very pretty plants but a bit too successful here) At least they are easy to pull out and do provide a lot of compost. One plant of geranium maderense has started to flower in our cold greenhouse. I will post a photo in the geranium section. So, which will prevail? My feelings of guilt, or my natural ability to procrastinate? Chris
  4. Group Newsletter

    Hi David Just got the latest news letter. Excellent content, good clean layout, nice cover, what more could we ask for? Thank you David, and all the contributors. Keep up the good work
  5. Welcome to the forum Daniel In English Don't worry about mistakes when writing in English, readers are from all over the world and will make the effort to understand. If you need help with anything special get in touch. I live near Montauban and would love to show you my collection. Ou en Français : Ne vous inquetez pas pour quelques fautes en Anglais, les lecteurs viennent du monde entier et ils feront l'effort pour comprendre. Si vous avez besoin d'aide contactez-moi. J'habite proche de Montauban et serait ravi de vous montrez ma collection Christopher
  6. Web browsers

    I don't think you need to apologise for a few hours of downtime on the forum. The software is quite complex, and the occasional glitch is almost inevitable. I prefer to say thanks for fixing it so quickly, and indeed for setting up the forum in the first place.The forum is a truly excellente source of reliable information, more than can be said of some internet services. I have found it very helpfull.
  7. How to join The Geraniaceae Group and Forum

    I recently joined,and paid by bank transfer. Needed a 50 km round trip to the bank, and it cost me 50 euros in all to pay twelve pounds to the group. As general rule I pay all purchases by paypal, so I only have to worry about one security risk and I can pay in any currency. It is quasi instant. Incidentaly, your membership fee seems low, I for one would pay a little more for the service.
  8. Proposed EU Legislation regarding plant material

    As a very small producer of rare plants I was at first quite worried by the proposed EU regulations. When I studied the text downloaded from the EU site, I came to realise that the text was unlikely to be voted into law in its present state; Not exactly in legal language, more of a draft adaptation of a previous text, prepared perhaps by a "stagiere" whose first language was not english. Either way, there are more exceptions than rules: staff numbers, annuel turnover, and target market (collections, scientific studies, plant breeders) are all taken into account so the law be left with little or no content. Large scale producers and distributers would be obliged to label more accurately which should be a good thing, although legislation already exists here in France and is simply ignored. These large companys sell huge quantities of a limited number of varieties so costs for them would be proportionally low. Exempt at first sight from this proposed law are small producers who will remain free to sell unregistered varieties. These varieties will, as at present, require labels, but nothing will be done to ensure the accurate the identification of the plants themselves. The proposed law will not alter the status quo. Some plant sources will remain reliable, others will not improve. Those who are close to or just above a limit for exemption and who produce a wide variety of plants may feel a real and quite unjust economic impact from this. One of my friends grows 1700 varieties of hardy plants. In a good year he might exceed the turnover quota, but there is no way to predict that in advance nor could he possibly afford to register every variety "just in case". There are a number of "pépinièristes" in France of about this size, and they represent an important source of high quality plants, but only a few votes when election time comes. It is for cases like this that we should oppose this project. Yes to correct plant plant labelling, no to more rules that cannot or will not help. Here in France we have to contend with "Departemental" Regional, French and European laws that are sometimes conflicting. Most are ignored. Latest ruling: I am no longer allowed to burn contaminated plants or invasive weeds. A "Prefectorial" decision perhaps equivalent to a local by-law? OK, in futur I will use them to heat the greenhouse even though this is not helpful in full summer.