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  1. Hi John, all, It would seem to me that many check out posts, but few get down to writing. Katya, Marisa, David: is there a way our moderators could check where the members are from and what their interests are? Perhaps the moderators could start topics that are closer (e.g. geographically) to members' interests and perhaps contributions could be encouraged? Also, I don't think I have been getting any weekly updates by email, although I subscribed to these under Settings/Manage Followed Content/Forums. Does this work for others? Personally, I find this forum extraordinarily helpful and learned a lot from it. I wish more members wrote with pictures of their plants and write about their experiences growing them, regardless of their shape and sometimes more is to learn from an unusually grown specimen than a perfectly grown plant. One of the extraordinary features of pelargoniums is their adaptability! All best, Matija.
  2. Geraniaceae Group Meeting

    Hello, and many thanks for the meeting which I thoroughly enjoyed! I am very happy I came along. Thank you, Derek, for showing us the incredible photographs, it has been a pleasure meeting you all. Matija.