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  1. PayPal facilities

    Dear David, This is a real victory! Thank you so much from many existing and potential members of the Group!
  2. Geraniaceae Group News

    David, Thank you for letting us know about this situation. I very much hope that the treatment of Richard will be positive and successful.
  3. Web browsers

    Dear Christopher and David, Thank you so much for your feedback. This forum was created as a part of the unique Geraniaceae Group website. And I am greatly appreciate Marisa and David for their help and support. Forum unites a brilliant community of experts in Geraniaceae family from the whole world. We hope that our virtual communication will be interesting and inspiring for more and more people. (A little bit pathetic, but absolutely genuinely )
  4. Web browsers

    Dear colleagues, We apologize to all our Members for the lack of activity of our forum. We have found the cause of the problem and hope that it will not appear again. Thank you for your patience.
  5. Link to web photos

    Oh, I understood your question now. We have a description on how to add links to the text in this topic.
  6. Link to web photos

    I can explain how it works in Flickr - I have an account and I am keeping some of my photos there. After login to Flickr I choose 'Share' option near photo. I also choose BBCode option and the size of photo preview for display at the forum (I prefer 500 pixels of one side). I copy link in the field under BBCode at the Flickr and paste it to my message at the forum (I keep two browser windows on computer and simply copy-paste from one window to another). And everybody can see preview of my photo in my post from Flickr website. In case click to preview you will be redirected to the Flickr website. These links look as following in your posts: You can also copy links to your photos from different photo sources - just find 'Share' option near photo and choose necessary format of link for photo preview. Hope this will help.
  7. How to join The Geraniaceae Group and Forum

    I agree that we can use probably different kinds of payment including those with additional percentage. Some members are still paying in cash, others use bank transfer (by the way, when I use this kind of payment, my bank takes some percentage for money transfer to abroad). I also would like to use PayPal system and I am ready to pay additional percentage, because it is very simple and fast. In any case we will wait for solution from the Group Board. Probably the question can be not only in percentage.
  8. How to join The Geraniaceae Group and Forum

    Dear maggiepie, We have discussed possibility to pay by PayPal with David Victor. And David has discussed it with colleagues in the UK approximately a half year ago. I hope that David will add information to my post. As I remember the question was in additional percentage that PayPal takes during the payment. And it was necessary to raise the cost of annual subscription. For some members of the Group it can be not so important, but for some this can be an issue... That's why this question is still under discussion.
  9. Join this forum

    Dear Ruud, Yes, you absolutely right about the 'open society'. May be sometime in the future we will open forum for everybody. But registration takes only a few minutes. In case somebody is very interested in this very specific theme - Geraniaceae family - he will become our member definetely. And we are happy that you joined us! Thank you very much for your note about our forum at your website!
  10. Fibrex nursery visit

    David, Thank you very much for your answer. And congratulations with very good choice of pelargoniums!
  11. Fibrex nursery visit

    David, could you please say a few words about your visit. How many members came to nursery. Which species impressed you more? May be you have some photos.
  12. You can find your personal area with your profile, mail box, notifications and Sign Out button at the right upper corner of each page. These functions taken together provide you with a range of useful and powerful tools to help you enjoy this Forum. So, here's a few words of introduction to them. Firstly, in the pull-down menu you will find a What’s on your mind? box. Here, you can, for example, write your slogan of the day. You can change these messages as often as you want. More importantly, you will also find there the 'My Profile' section, where you can manage all of your personal information. Please ensure that you check all of the sections of your profile. To access your profile, simply click on your nickname. You can change it at any time with
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  14. Dear colleagues, Welcome to The Geraniaceae Group Forum. Here you will find some useful information about the Forum tools in the section 'How to manage posts, images and member's profiles'. Participants are able to see three sections of the Forum – About this Forum, Membership and Group News: If you are interested in becoming a member of the Geraniaceae Group you can get all necessary information about the Geraniaceae Group at the “Membership” topic: To become a participant in the Forum you should press the
  15. The aims of The Geraniaceae Group are to promote knowledge of the Geraniaceae family, to unite people who are interested in these plants all over the world, to encourage interest in growing the plants and the exchange of information. Members of the Group have access to a range of facilities and you should visit our Group Website to get more information on them: The Specialist Booklist Geraniaceae Photo Gallery Meeting and Events Links to related societies and websites The annual Seed Exchange International Cultivar Registrar for Geranium and Erodium The Group Newsletter is one of the main means by which members exchange and receive information. All members are encouraged to participate with articles, photos, or just short notes either to the Group Newsletter or to the Website. Photos are preferred for the News but generally cannot be returned; slides can be returned if not for donation to the Slide Library. Observations on cultivation, propagation, notes on habitats, climate, soils, pests, reports of meetings, conventions, and research relating to the Geraniaceae that would be of interest to the members, all are very much wanted for the News. We very much rely on the members to keep the newsletter full and interesting! Please take a look at the content of our previous Newsletters. You may apply for membership and send your payment according the following terms Subscription rates for 2017 UK £ 10.00 EUROPE £ 12.00 (or Euro 20.00, cash */ETP), including Air mail Postage OTHER OVERSEAS £ 15.00 (or US $ 25.00, cash /ETP), including Air mail Postage Membership runs for 12 months and benefits include the following: · Four printed newsletters each year · Participation in this online forum and access to the Group website · Access to the annual seed exchange · Opportunities to buy specialist Books · Use of the Slide Library You can share your experience and photos about growing species plants or hybridizing and your travels to natural habitat, nurseries, botanical gardens through The Forum of the Geraniaceae Group. You can also create your own topics about your Geraniaceae collection. To become a participant in the Forum you should press the Registration button in the upper right corner on this page. Pleasee see some tips how to register your account at the forum here: