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    For this family, it's mainly hardy geraniums and erodiums (although I have a few species pelargoniums). In the garden we also have collections of daylilies & hosta as well as an assortment of perennials. We have a one acre property, with more gardens and less lawn all the time. The hardy geranium collection is now around the 200 varieties mark.

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  1. Good to hear from you Greig I had good luck (germination) with my E. televivence this round, so hopefully you will too. They did well for me a couple years back in a sandy well-drained bed (where I grow a few cactus). I also had the very similar gruinum there too. I was able to get enough seed to keep them going (being annuals) and tucked it in a safe place... So safe I never saw it again! I had to order more seed this last round. Oh well, these things give us a challenge. Through forums like this, I see that I'm not alone in having damping off from time to time. I start things indoors to give a head start, as our season is so short, and of course I'm more prone to this than seeds out in the fresh air. It can be frustrating as the pot that I lost was one of the species I most wanted! That's the way it usually goes. I sow most hardy geraniums in mid-winter leaving them out for the required 'cold treatment. A method that would be quite foreign to RSA! Check out this old blog of mine if interested... http://www.growsonyou.com/bowl_you/blog/28018-mid-winter-sowing-in-canada My televivence and gruinum are shown at the end of this blog... http://www.growsonyou.com/bowl_you/blog/28664-the-escarpment-and-the-desert I love the little stories, tips, and questions from around the world. There is so much to learn and we often face such different problems. That's what makes it hard to understand why there is so little action in the form. John
  2. I still check this forum daily, but in reality there have not been any post for months... Several months for some sections! I was so happy when we got this forum... Great to share what we learn and ask about what we don't know. So, why is nobody using it, when Facebook is so busy with postings in the various geraniaceae related groups? The forum is actually easier to use as a resource as it is more like a blog.... It's not filled with tons of over-shared memes. Anyone one seeing this... WHAT IS YOUR VIEW?
  3. Link to web photos

    Thank you. I will try that next time I want to post a link.
  4. Link to web photos

    Thanks for the flicker info. What I was really asking about is for a clickable link to someone else's web site that you might want to share. Say that you find an erodium photo on a web site that you want to direct others to. I find sometimes that copying the address does not always 'paste' into position on these postings and sometimes they are very long addresses and errors can occur when trying to remember and re-type them. I have seen members having a link that does not display the full address, but rather just words such as 'see this photo' or 'here', and those links are clickable, taking you to the site. How do they get that to work?
  5. How do you put a link in your posting, such as 'this photo' and have it link to a photo elsewhere on the web?
  6. How to join The Geraniaceae Group and Forum

    The Alpine Society, Hardy Plant Society and the Hardy Geranium Group are east to pay with credit card. The Geraniaceae, I found easy with US cash which is always easy to come by. Our post office no longer does money orders in pounds. I wish other G Group items could also be purchased with US cash. Trying to figure out additional postal charges and arranging payment has stopped me from ordering some things.
  7. In the profile - ways to contact - Can you not list your e-mail?