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    Pelargonium sect. Ciconium, Oxalis, Clivia, Gethyllis, Cymbidium, Ansellia, growing veg., studying a wide range of stuff (Latin at present), genealogy, my cat - Hester van Gogh, my wonderful neighbours in our cul-de-sac.

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  1. John, good to see some life on the ol' forum. Living in the midst of pelargonium country, with nary an Erodium to be seen (except for weedy species); I, as a perverse human, have decided to look at the latter. Being autumn = fall here, it is finally cool enough, except for yesterday when it was 46 deg C in the greenhouse, to put in the Erodium seed - actually I did that on April Fool's Day - and a few are already up, including a very good showing of E. trifolium (E. hymenodes). I am keen to grow E.telavivense - but I seem to have little luck. Last year I planted one of the 2 seeds I had received, which failed to germinate. I have now planted the other seed, which germinated, but the cotyledons are seriously deformed and will not expand; and I planted 2 of the seeds I received this year, one germinating and then damping off. Both of these seeds emerged 3 days after planting - the first to come up. My Erodium collection is nevertheless slowly growing. Regards, greig russell, Kommetjie, Cape Peninsula, RSA.
  2. Those members who have received the 2015 Seed List may be wondering about the various forms of P. alchemilloides listed as Taxon C, D, etc. In order to attempt to understand this complex species or "group species" I have consulted the work of Prof. Gibby. I have made some extracts of her 3 papers relevant to the subject and created a webpage on my website which can be viewed at http://pennypoint9.itgo.com/pelarg/ which you may refer to for further clarity. Love to all, greig russell
  3. Geraniaceae Group News

    I would like to add my best wishes to Richard Clifton for a full and comfortable recovery. During my relatively short membership of the group, I have found his writings to be full of interest, and in the few cases that I have contacted him, he has been such a kind gentleman, As an aside, David, I am unable to find your contact details in the current newsletter or any of the handful of older newsletters through which I have just paged. (I may just be blind.) Love to all, greig russell